Nokia Cellphone Price List Philippines

Nokia is one of the most popular brand of phones being used here in the Philippines. It all started with the Nokia 5110 unit, the Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310 and the rest was history. Because of Nokia’s easy-to-use and user-friendly interface Filipinos immediately got hooked and admired the line of Nokia products being sold on the local market. According to statistics, the Philippines is still the texting capital of the world, which means more and more cellphones are being sold and used by Filipinos everyday in the entire country. And with the evolution of cellphones, mobile phone users in the Philippines are also evolving and becoming more tech-savvy when it comes to choosing the right hand set that fits their budget and lifestyle.

If you’re one of those mobile-tech-savvy users looking for a Nokia cellphone in the Philippines, then better check out the Nokia phone price list provided below.

Here is a price list of all Nokia cellphones sold in the Philippine market.

Nokia Mobile Phone Price According to Model

Nokia C3
Retail Price: Php6,800
Nokia C3 Philippines
Nokia C5
Retail Price: Php8,450
Nokia C5 Philippines
Nokia C6
Retail Price: Php14,450

Nokia N900
Retail Price: Php29,990
Nokia N900 Philippines
Nokia N97
Retail Price: Php20,600
Nokia N97 Philippines
Nokia N97 Mini
Retail Price: Php17,400
Nokia N97 Mini Philippines
Nokia E71
Retail Price: Php12,300
Nokia E71 Philippines
Nokia E72
Retail Price: Php15,200
Nokia E72 Philippines
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Retail Price: Php11,400
Nokia X6
Retail Price: Php14,500
Nokia E66
Retail Price: Php10,700
Nokia 6700 Classic
Retail Price: Php11,200
Nokia 5530 Xpress Music
Retail Price: Php9,000
Nokia 6700 Slide
Retail Price: Php8,750
Nokia E63
Retail Price: Php8,900
Nokia 3710 Fold
Retail Price: Php7,900
Nokia 5230 Xpress Music
Retail Price: Php7,250
Nokia X3
Retail Price: Php6,700
Nokia 5230
Retail Price: Php6,450
Nokia X2
Retail Price: Php6,500
Nokia 2710 Navigator
Retail Price: Php5,750
Nokia 7230
Retail Price: Php6,000
Nokia 6303i Classic
Retail Price: Php6,250
Nokia 3720 Classic
Retail Price: Php5,750
Nokia 5130 Xpress Music
Retail Price: Php4,550
Nokia 2730 Classic
Retail Price: Php4,200
Nokia 2700 Classic
Retail Price: Php3,950
Nokia 2680
Retail Price: Php2,850

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