Import your iTunes Music to your Android Phone Using DoubleTwist

If you own an iPod Nano or iPod Touch, you definitely use Apple’s iTunes software to sync and manage your music, as well as your playlist that you listen to everyday. However, there are those who owns a lot of gadgets especially those that can afford to buy multiple stuff like a Nokia cellphone or probably an Android phone. If you’ve been tired of using your iPod Nano or iPod Touch and wants to try out and maximize the potential of your Android phone’s music player then you’d probably want to read this guide on how to transfer your iTunes music and playlist to your newly bought Android Phone using Double Twist application.

DoubleTwist is a software developed specifically for the Android OS. You can use DoubleTwist to manage your music, apps, photos and podcasts on your Android phone for free. You can also use it to sync your iTunes music library to your Android phone.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use DoubleTwist to import/transfer your iTunes Music and Playlist to your Android Phone:

  1. Download and install the DoubleTwist application. Click here to download the free application.
  2. Open DoubleTwist once installed and plug in your Android phone. Make sure to choose Mass Storage or USM Mode. DoubleTwist will then automatically detect your phone.
  3. Go to Library > Import iTunes Playlist. Note: You can only import from your main iTunes library.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, just click Import.
  5. Your playlists will appear on the lef portion of the interface.
  6. On the General Tab> select Music as your media to sync. You also have the option to choose to sync selected playlist if you want. After selecting click the Sync button.
  7. A progress bar will then show at the bottom. All music files included in your playlist will be copied including your ID3 Tags as well as album art (if available).
  8. Once Syncing is successful you can now remove your device from your desktop/laptop and start playing your favorite iTunes music on your Android phone.

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